Night Life in Enugu.

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Nightlife in Enugu is very enjoyable for those that enjoy night outings.There are a number of joints, Sit outs and Nightclubs available for night entertainment. Most Night Clubs in Enugu Run on the weekends (Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays) and lots of nightlife lovers look forward to these days.

Everyday in Enugu is a Celebration, people hang out at wine bars and joints, where they drink, eat and have fun with friends and family. There is never a dull moment in Enugu state, people work in the day and at night its a celebration. The State Enugu is known for celebration, every single day is celebrated in Enugu.

There are Taxi's, for easy movement at night in Enugu. In as much as we want you to enjoy your night in Enugu, we still advice people to stay out of dark and lonely areas at night for security purposes.

Are you thinking of where to enjoy a perfect night entertainment? Enugu State is the place to be.

Places to hang-out in Enugu.

  • Shoprite Mall
  • Roban Stores Mall
  • Nike Lake(in Nike Lake Hotel)
  • New Berries Park
  • Blue island Sitout (Blue Island Hotel)
  • Villa Toscana Sitout (villa Toscana Hotel)
  • neocourt pool Side & Bar(neocourt Hotel)
  • 8 Hours sit-out
  • feelinn station
  • Zeez Resturant & Garden
  • Bush House
  • Crown Guest House Garden
  • Pines
  • Spices

Night clubs in Enugu

  • Extreme Lounge
  • True Lounge
  • Villa Toscana Night Club
  • Orange Room

Safety in Enugu State.

In as much as we would like all visitors visiting Enugu State to enjoy their stay, we would not neglect the issue of security which is our major priority. In other to ensure a peaceful stay in Enugu State, Here are a few security measure to be taken.

1, Always take some form of identification while moving around in Enugu, to avoid cases of mistaking identity with the police.

2, Avoid working alone in deserted areas at night, there are cases of kidnaps and robbery in some deserted areas of the state.

3, Avoid carrying out business transactions that involve lots of money with physical cash, rather make use of the banks.

4, take advantage of the automobile security services available to secure your cars especially for luxury cars. There are few cases of car theft in town.

5, Avoid taking phone calls while driving, this could lead to automobile accident, there have been cases of accidents that occur for such reasons.

6, Hanging out late nights in some parts of Enugu could be dangerous, in recommended areas.

7, Be careful when engaging in discussion held in public transports such as taxi’s,Buses and Bikes Some people have been locally duped as a result of conversation with strangers in public transport.

8, Ensure that your personal belongings such as phones, hand bags etc are kept in sight while in public transports, Some people have lost very important properties in public transports which where never found.

9, there are lots cases of people loosing money and other important properties to hoodlums that engage in picking pockets especially in the market places. Always make sure your money and properties are kept carefully while shopping in the market.

We believe that if these steps are taken, You will enjoy your stay in Enugu state.


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Nightlife in Enugu

Nightlife in Enugu is Very enjoyable for those that enjoy night outings; there are a number of joints, Sit outs and Nightclubs available for Read More >>.


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