About Enugu State

ENUGU STATE, South-East of Nigeria, is one of the thirty-six States constituting the Nigerian Federation. It came into being on August 27, 1991 when the administration of President Ibrahim Babangida finally acquiesced to the long agitations of Waawa people for a State they could truly call their own.

Enugu State derives its name from the capital city, ENUGU (top of the hill) which is regarded as the oldest urban area in the Igbo speaking area of Southeast Nigeria. The city owes its geopolitical significance to the discovery of coal in 1909 by a team of British geologists. The discovery of the solid mineral in the area brought about the emergence of a permanent cosmopolitan settlement which influenced the construction of a railway line to link the Enugu coal fields with the sea port in Port Harcourt for the export of the mineral.

In fact, by 1917 Enugu had acquired township status and assumed strategic importance to British interests. Foreign businesses began to move into Enugu, the most notable of which were John Holt, Kingsway Store, United Bank of West Africa and United Africa Company. By 1929, Enugu had become the capital of the former Eastern Region, and has since then retained its old status as the regional industrial and business hub as well as the political capital and rallying point of the Igbo people.


Visit Enugu

Enugu state is located in the eastern part of Nigeria, its also known as the Coal city. Visiting Enugu State is one experience that we would encourage people to have. whether you are visiting from Nigeria or outside Nigeria there are transportation options available for you. You can fly down to Enugu from any of the airports when you arrive in Nigeria or make use of any of the road transport services available.

The city of Enugu is a lovely place to be and wonderful people to meet, the people of Enugu are known for hospitality and entertainment. The reasons to visit Enugu state are countless but only an experience will do.
We therefore encourage individuals and organizations to visit Enugu for both business and pleasure. See you soon.

Major Areas in Enugu City

  • Independence Layout
  • NewHaven
  • GRA(Government Reserved Area)
  • Trans Ekulu
  • Abakpa Nike
  • Ogui Road
  • Asata
  • Obiagu
  • Uwani
  • Achara layout
  • Coal Camp
  • Gariki
  • Thinkers Corner
  • Emene



About Enugu State

ENUGU STATE, South-East of Nigeria, is one of the thirty-six States constituting the Nigerian Federation. It came into being Read More >>

Nightlife in Enugu

Nightlife in Enugu is Very enjoyable for those that enjoy night outings; there are a number of joints, Sit outs and Nightclubs available for Read More >>.


Business in Enugu

Enugu state is said to be a fertile ground in Agricultural terms, business grows at an unimaginable rate that keeps more investors coming. There are lots of business opportunities Read More >>

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